Supply chain

Close monitoring from the farm onwards 


Close relationships with producers and regular visits to the farms where our products are grown enable us to guarantee that our supplies are of the highest quality.

Our suppliers are certified and accredited to ensure that certain very precise parameters are met and the purity of our products is guaranteed. This also guarantees precise knowledge of allergen content as well as the risks of cross-contamination and inclusion of foreign bodies. Because we work with a large number of suppliers, we are able to offer different origins for each product, to meet all your requirements.



Diafood is part of Colin Ingrédients

Diafood has joined Colin Ingrédients, which sells a wide range of culinary ingredients and food  bases for the food industry.

The two firms, Diafood and Colin Ingrédients, complement each other perfectly and their two high-performance industrial facilities in Gunsbach and Mittelhausen in Alsace are now coordinating their production.